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Play & Learn III - 26 months+

Our goal is to create a nurturing environment, so children can learn and develop and reach their potential.  In Play & Learn III, class we focus on several important areas, critical for the age group:


Speech development.  Research by David McNeil shows that in order to support speech development, one must develop fine motor control.

Preparing for writing. Before a child can hold a pen, his/her fingers must be strong enough, so we do Arts & Crafts activities. 

Preparing for reading. We work on name recognition, introduce phonetic sounds, do stamps with sounds ... laying foundation for reading 

Math.  We count, sort, compare sizes, play with counters and explore colours.  

Cognitive Learning. Our activities develop attention, memory, and thinking

Socializing. Our classes are often the first step into a social setting.  Children learn to interact, to be kind, to share, to wait for a bubble or a sticker.

Emotional Intelligence.  Toddlers are learning to read other people's emotions, recognize their own, and our group setting offers many opportunities

Positive Relationship With Learning. We make serious learning fun, thus creating a positive relationship with learning for years to come.

Confidence. When kids consistently come to classes, they know the class structure, the teacher, what to expect... and this consistency and support by carers, makes them feel confident and able to learn.


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