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Why Do Kids Need Arts & Crafts?   


Besides being the obvious channel of self-expression, arts and crafts allow children to develop and strenghten control of their fingers (fine motor skills).  In turn, strong fine motor skills will make pencil grip and writing easier once they start school.


The EYFS recommend making arts and crafts supplies accessible to children, so they can choose the tools and have a go.  You can also find simple, age appropriate activities and do them together, which is what we do in Play & Learn III classes. 


Always make sure your supplies are age appropriate and safe.

Ideas and Suggestions for Activities

Playfoam and  Play doh are the most effective activities to strenghten pencil grip


Children's Scissors these are good 'first scisors' as they are safe and cut thin paper


Glue sticks or PVA glue - this is non-toxic and available at Tesco or Poundland


Finger Painting - You can make finger, hand, food prints and have lots of fun


Solid Paint Sticks by PlayColour - easy to use, mess free and amazingly bright colours


Water Colours - You will need brusheshes


Tissue Paper - great to touch, crumble, cut, as well as decorate cards, etc. 


Decorative Supplies - sequins, glitter, feathers, puffs, googly eyes, pipe cleaners, etc.


Kinetic Sand - amazing to touch, stimulating, as well as mess free


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