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Top Products For Baby Care...

Help with Gas, Colic & Reflux 

Colic Calm has been a god's gift to us when Daniel was a newborn.  Minutes after we would give him the black water, all the pain was gone and he was a happy baby.  Even now, at 3.5 years of age, we use it when he has an upset stomach or tummy ache.  I can not praise this enough.  


You can go with a natrual approach and try the Teetha by Nelsons. Or you can go with something stronger - Bonjella.  We always started with Teetha but if it was not enough, Bonjella was handy.
Blocked Nose
The only way to help unblock a babies nose is with Saline Nasal Spray.  There are different bottles and they differ in the water pressure. I would suggest buying a few different once, to see which one your baby can tolerate better. 
Post-Antibiotics or Stomach Flu
A baby's stomach often gets upset after antibiotics. We found baby probiotics very helpful.


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