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Math In Early Years

Math is fun and it is everywhere.  For pre-schoolers, it includes skills such as sorting, ordering, comparing, counting, measuring and interpreting. 



  • count buttons in a box, items in grocery basket, pieces in a cake, etc.

  • count loudlycount in a line, in a circle, from left to right

  • after counting, put in a pile. how many now? under a cover, how many now?

  • line up shoes by size from small to big, in a pattern small big small big, etc.

  • sort socks by colour, by size

  • cut vegetables and do prints on paper. what pattern can you make?

  • what numbers can you find in a magazine? cut them out for cards and crafts



  • Make math fun through stories, songs, use of math equipment and imaginative play

  • Make math real by applying in real life situation, with familiar objects

  • Encourage kids to 'have a go'

  • Praise achievement, however small

  • Work together for short sessions 


Try Not To: 

  • Put kids under pressure

  • Rush your child's learning

  • Worry about mistakes. We learn by  trying and error

  • Jump in with solution too quickly


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