In Person Classes @ Canada Water Studios

Postnatal Mom & Baby Fitness                     £ 12 per class

Family Dance                                                     £ 10 per class




- 10% DISCOUNT when booking 6 +

regular priced classes


- All classes are non cancellable 


- Changeable with 24 hr notice    



New Safety Rules for In Person Classes:

Please review our new rules before booking in person classes:
  • Queue and entry to the Main Studio will be directly from the street

  • On entry, everyone will be asked to sanitize their hands

  • We ask all adults to wear a face mask on entry until they settle down on their mat, after which masks can come off

  • Pram parking inside Main Studio

  • Each parent & baby will stay in a 2 x 2 meter square

  • Parents will be asked to bring their own yoga mat & toys 

  • Ventilation will be turned on, renewing air every 15 min

  • To use toilet and baby changing facilities we ask that you wear face mask until you return back to your mat 

  • After class, one by one, adults exit through another door 

If you have any questions, please email