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What should my child wear to the class? What should I wear?

You both should wear comfortable, stretchy clothes, as there will be a lot of movement during the class.  We also ask that you bring clean, non-slip slippers for the child.  Some of our exercises are on the floor, so we would like to keep the floor nice and clean for everyone. We kindly ask parents to remove shoes, but keep their socks on.


What if I have to miss a class due to illness or travel?

If you sign up for the full or half term plan, we are happy for you to make up the class within the term or half term, at any of our locations.  Please book your place to avoid disappointment.

Are the classes the same all the time?

Each week we are running a different theme class.  One week we can be focusing on elephants while another week on the importance of washing hands and so on.

My baby takes all the toys in her/his mouth.  How are the toys maintained?  We regularly disinfect all the props used in class.  We use milton's tablets for rubber toys and dettol spray to wipe the bear and other wipable toys. Washable toys are washed regularly.



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