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Mommy & Baby Fitness 

from 6 wks & with GP's approval

focus on mom's fitness through Dance.  Babies, watching from the floor, will be well entertained by our dancing with exciting props like shakers, scarves and so much more. 

Baby Massage

from birth to crawling

supports bonding, baby's development, improves sleep and aids digestion. more

Parent & Baby Yoga

from 10 wks to walking

supports baby's development and deep relaxation and healing for parents. more

Play & Learn I  

from 5 months to walking

fusion of baby massage, yoga, sensory stimulation, movement, and learning  through puppets, drums, musical exploration and activities. more

Play & Learn II 

walking to 26 months

encourages independence, fine motor skills and speech development, coordination, concentration and all while having gullops of fun!  more

Play & Learn III 

26 months +

prepares kids for school and school assessments. We focus on finger gym, phonics, math activities and arts & crafts, with the aim of developing concentration, listening skills, and fine motor skills. 

Family Dance  

walking to 5 years old

Captivating variety of music, rhythmic games, and action songs help children explore dance as a tool for self-expression. 



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