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How To Prepare Your Child For Reading 

The first step on the journey to reading is learning phonics (suggested age is from 26 months).  Each school uses its own methodology to teach phonics, so it is worth asking your school what they will use. In the meantime, here are our suggestions.





  • Under 4s, should learn one sounds per week (or longer if necessary)

  • Sing the jolly phonics song

  • Trace the letter using speed sound cards 

  • Hide the letter card in unexpected fun places (cereal box, toy box)

  • Hang up the letter so it is easily visible to your child

  • Look for the letter outside - shop signs, car license plates, bus stops, etc. 

  • Look for objects / toys that start with that letter and bring one to class.

  • Be sure to ask how the letter sounds and not its name.  


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