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Early Learning and Development
Classes For Childern Under 5

​In the first three years, a child's brain is growing faster than at any other time.  This means that what a child learns will have a lasting impact.  The Baby Bear Club's goal is to facilitate the early learning and development process for babies and toddlers. 


What better way to learn than with mum or dad, while having fun?  We use music, movement, singing, musical instruments, puppets, sensory toys, bubbles and more.  When you join The Baby Bear Club, you are joining a holistic development program for your child.


  • Our classes are fun, entertaining, and educational
  • Our classes stimulate social and physical development 
  • Our exercises aid speech and concentration development 
  • Our groups are small to facilitate learning and bonding
  • We create a safe and clean environment for learning 
  • We bring a range of colourful and exciting props
  •  Kids have fun and as a result they learn


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