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Play & Learn I - 5 months to walking

Play & Learn I is a beautiful fusion of baby massage, yoga, sensory stimulation, movement, and learning through puppets, drums, musical exploration and activities.  Our aim is long term learning and development for babies and empowerment of parents with tools they can use at home.  Because children learn through repetition, each class has familiar as well as new elements.  Some activities are structured, while others allow babies to explore our safe space and build confidence and independence.  
Benefits For Baby: 
  • Support for healthy physical, mental and emotional development
  • Bonding with parent or carer
  • Language development
  • Socialising 
  • Memory development
Benefits For Mums: 
  • Learn new developmental practices in class and apply at home
  • Relax while the class leader takes you on a learning and entertaining adventure
  • Make friends with other moms


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