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What if my child does not want to participate in the class?

Even when it looks like the child is not involved, he or she is still absorbing all the information in the environment.  The aim of the classes is to introduce children to new topics - letters, number, animals, etc. - but you have to know that learning occurs only through repetition.  It is essential for the parents to review what we learn at home.  You would be surprised how much your toddler has retained, while not looking at the teacher.


When I sign up for classes, do I need to choose the time and location?  

When you sign up for a direct debit plan - 1 or 2 classes a week - we would ask that you choose your classes.  However, if one week you need to change days, we will try to accomodate. 


My baby takes all the toys in her/his mouth.  How are the toys maintained?  We regularly disinfect all the props used in class.  We use milton's tablets for rubber toys and dettol spray to wipe the bear and other wipable toys.  Washable toys are washed regularly.



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