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Mommy & Baby Fitness  

Mommies are welcome to come with or without little ones.  In this class we will focus on mom's fitness through Dance!  Babies, watching from the floor, will be well entertained by our dancing with exciting props like shakers, scarves and so much more. 
Benefits For Mums: 
  • Overal strengthening 

  • Toning the abdominal and pelvic floor muscles

  • Working with awareness of diastasis recti to reverse it 

  • Toning legs, arms and abdominal muscles

  • Releasing tension and having a fantastic time! 

Safety Rules : 
  • Queue and entry to the Main Studio will be directly from the street,

  • On entry, everyone will be asked to sanitize hands,

  • Pram parking inside Main Studio,

  • Each parent & baby will stay in a 2 x 2 meter square,

  • Parents will be asked to bring their own yoga mat & toys

  • During class, ventilation will be on, refreshing air every 15 min

  • Toilet and baby changing facilities are available 

  • After class, one by one, adults exit through another door 

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