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The Baby Bear Club was created by a mum who spent her days focusing on her child's development - playing games, reading books, going to classes and doing a lot of research.  


Inspite of her computer science (MS @NYU) and business strategy background (MBA2006 @LBS), she became focused on her son and his development.  The previous life of working in the city lost its glamour.  In Spring of 2013, she finally took steps in making her dream a reality.  In a collaborative effort with education, dance, art, and speech professionals, the Baby Bear Club was born.


The aim of the Baby Bear Club is to provide a safe and fun environment to facilitate the development process for babies and toddlers.  Kids learn best when they have fun, so we make a huge effort to make the animals, colours, numbers and letters we teach exciting, stimulating, and fun to engage with.  We use singing, dancing, nursery rhymes, story reading, puppets, and so much more. 


Every minute of the class is focused on some area of development, aiding your child to grow and develop and prepare for the next step in life.  But you can be sure, there is no pressure, competition or discrimination.  We love all our baby bears and want them to reach their maximum potential in life.  All of our staff have CRB certificates and a rich background of working with children.  Safety first, so do ask to see the CRB certificates.


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